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What’s the dumbest lie a college football coach has been caught telling? – Quora link

Bobby Petrino

Favorite answer by Jordan Woods:

It’s really hard to argue against Bobby Petrino’s omission of the fact that his mistress was on the motorcycle with him. I mean, it was clearly going to be on the police report–it wouldn’t have been hard for someone to find out. I’m not even arguing from the point of view of a “moral” person–if he wanted to cover it up, he should’ve said that she was on the bike and that he just giving her a ride. Sure, it’s highly suspicious, but you have a better shot of getting people to believe that lie (especially all of the fan base that want to give him the benefit of the doubt), then going back to explain why you omitted the fact that she was with you in the first place.

Which is OutKast’s best album? – Quora link


Favorite answer by Christopher Rodriguez:

Regarding Outkast… that is the thing – they make good music.

My personal favorite is

Released in 1994!!!!!!

If you listen to it, it sounds like a mixture of West Coast Dre, Kanye West, and of course it has that dirty south ATL flavor. Pretty ground breaking in my opinion.

Not to discount any of their other albums because they certainly are good..but if you listen to this one..released in 1994..it was way ahead of its time. In fact, I highly recommend for any fan of hip hop or rap to listen to the entire catalouge..but this one is where you should start…

Seriously just start with “myintrotoletuknow..” and enjoy it from there..available at your local torrent website or possibly a brick and mortar…best bet? itunes..

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