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Should Tom Coughlin be considered for the Hall of Fame? – Quora link

Tom Coughlin

Favorite answer by Anon User:

Short answer: He’s a really good coach, a future Hall of Famer, and bordering on being a great coach.

Coughlin doesn’t scream greatness in this category, coming in at a career .555 W/L percentage. It isn’t terrible, and puts him at number 55 among Head Coaches with 50+ games played. Yet he’s behind guys like Wade Phillips, Andy Reid, and Mike Sherman.

Playoff Wins/Losses
Coughlin fares better in the playoffs, especially of late. He is .611 including up to the NFC Championship game this season, putting him at #24 all time among coaches with at least 4 playoff games. (Including pre-Super Bowl era.) A win would bump him to .631 and #20 all time.

His 11 playoff wins land him in the top 10 of head coaches, right up there with the likes of Mike Ditka, Bill Parcels, et al. Only Belichick among current HCs has more.

Coughlin has coached for 16 seasons, counting 2011, and excluding the year off between Jacksonville and NY. I don’t have any stats for this, but spending 16 seasons as a head coach for only 2 teams is pretty impressive. HCs don’t last long in today’s game, so the fact that the teams stuck with him is indicative of his abilities.

Success with an Expansion Team
Coughlin was the first head coach for Jacksonville in 1995. They placed last in their division that year, but followed it up with 4 consecutive playoff appearances, including 2 AFC Championship games.

Modern expansion teams generally struggle for at least a couple of years. The Panthers made the playoffs once in their first five seasons, the Browns also made it once in their first five seasons, and the Texans just made it for the first time this season after being added in 2002.

After those four appearances, the Jaguars went on to three losing seasons culminating in Coughin’s firing.

Two Superbowl Appearances
The list of coaches who have made two SB appearances is short, and there are only a dozen who have won 2. A victory next week should make Coughlin a shoe-in for the HoF. Even with a loss, he has a good team and many coaching years ahead of him.

What was the most entertaining Super Bowl? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Kacinay Kishor:

Super Bowl 25. Giants over Bills.

It had everything:

-Winning team led by a backup quarterback (Jeff Hostetler)

-So many shoo-in hall of famers: Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Jim Kelly, Lawrence Taylor, James Lofton.

-A safety! (I love safeties).

-Skill and offense (Bills) vs brawn and defence (Giants)

-Unheralded offensive star: RB Ottis J.. Anderson (AKA, O.J. Who?)

-And of course…Wide Right:

Where does Eli Manning rank among the all-time great quarterbacks? – Quora link

Eli Manning

Favorite answer by Vaughn Mungin:

I don’t know where Eli ranks amongst the all-time greats, barring injury he is years away from the decline of his career so to try to place him somewhere now is rather premature. 2 SuperBowl rings, puts him in good company and in shape to one day be a HOF’er. I’m not a Giants fan but I like Eli, he doesn’t have a sexy regular season but he keeps his composure better than any QB in the league and that calm (and now confidence) has led him to 2 victories against arguably the best team in the past decade. I’m not saying Eli should be crowned the best QB but I think he deserves more respect from fans and analysts alike.

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