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How many wins will the Broncos have in 2012?” – Quora link

John Elway

Favorite answer by Sam Walker:

They finished the regular season 8-8 last year, and squeaked into the playoffs thanks to a poor division. This year with Manning replacing Tebow they will be expected to win 9-10 games and certainly compete, if not outright win the division again. The biggest problems they face are Peyton’s health concerns, a lack of quality receivers, and a questionable defensive secondary. Many fans expect Denver to make an “all-in” series of acquisitions this off-season to give Manning his best shot at winning another championship in this twilight period of his incredible career.

Where does Peyton Manning rank among all-time quarterbacks?” – Quora link

Joe Montana

Favorite answer by John DeMarchi:

My top quarterbacks would be:

1) Montana. 117-47 as a starter; 273-137 TDP-INT; four Super Bowl wins; 11-0 TDP-INT in those games. The Man.

2) Brady. 124-35 as a starter; 300-115 TDP-INT; five Super Bowl appearances, three wins, would be 5-5 if D held against Giants late, either time. If the Pats D hold the lead late in SB 43 and 46, Brady would already be called the best of all-time. I hate the Patriots — I’m a Bills fan. But Tom Brady is ridiculously good.

3) Unitas. Retired holding every passing record; won three titles, including the 1958 Title Game, arguably the most significant game (including Super Bowl II) ever played.

4) Graham. 104-17-1 as a starter. Ten seasons in the AAFL and NFL; seven titles; runner-up in title game the opther three times.

5) Elway. Stats do not tell the story. He took five teams to Super Bowls in his career, winning two of them. 75-35 TDP-INT from age 36-38 in West Coast offenses makes you daydream on what he would have been in a more open attack. Like Bradshaw and Aikman that way; just a winner, stats are misleading.

6) Manning. Like Favre, went to two Super Bowls, winning one. On track to break all of Favre’s passing records. 141-67 as a starter; 138-54 since his rookie year. If brady were not a contemporary, he might have three or four rings right now.

Favre, Baugh, Marino, Bradshaw, Staubach, Starr, Young, Tarkenton, Aikman, Kelly, Luckman, Moon, Fouts.. guys like that would be next up.

Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees will be on this list before they are done, and don’t sleep on Cam Newton, either.

And if Eli Manning plays like he did for the last six weeks for the next four years, look out. Not yet, though — and not close yet.

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