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Who is the best dunker in the NBA today? – Quora link

Blake Griffin

Favorite answer by Cazmo Rivera:

Blake Griffin hands down. He’s throwing down poster like dunks. Historically though… He can’t touch Shawn Kemp. Griffin has the athleticism but can he create while in mid air, nah I think that comes with time and more poster dunk victims.

What’s the most disrespectful dunk of all-time? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Daryn Ramsden:

You can’t have a conversation about disrespectful dunks without mentioning Shawn Kemp. I’m going to include this video of 10 dunks because you don’t have a better way to spend two and a half minutes. Number 1 on this list is my choice for most disrespectful as much for Kemp’s reaction afterward as for the actual dunk.6 and 4 are also pretty disrespectful. Chris Gatling manages to be pretty magnanimous about number 5.

Honorable Mention
1. KJ over Olajuwon. At this point of his career, you could watch a lot of basketball and not really see KJ dunk. Meanwhile Olajuwon was the most feared shot-blocker in the league. I remember watching this live and the shock value was immense.

What’s the greatest in-game dunk of all-time? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Phillip Booth:

No question, Vince Carter over that French dude in the 2000 Olympics.

How can the Pro Bowl be improved? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Jonathan Brill:

Pro Bowl

Here’s my one totally unrealistic wishlist suggestion: a rookies vs BCS Champions game on Saturday. You can do what you want with the Pro Bowl itself on Sunday, I think many of the suggestions from this Grantland piece* are interesting. Particularly the one about trying out zany new rules. Personally, I’d love to see them go to three down series and see how that affects it.

But on Saturday, give me the rookies vs BCS Champions game. Here’s why this is a brilliant idea:

-Most rookies, even the really good ones, aren’t making the Pro Bowl. But the NFL would absolutely benefit by building their brand. Just ask the NBA which has used the dunk contests and Rookies vs Sophomores game as a way to build awareness of their younger players for years. Andy Dalton may not be good enough to get a Pro Bowl spot, but he’s earned the right for some post season recognition and it helps everybody if he gets a little recognition.

-For 90% of BCS Champion Alabama seniors, this would be the last game of great football they ever play. You think they’re getting up for this game? They’re getting up for this game.
For the NFL rookies, this is where they get to show how far they’ve come in a year. It’s no secret that first year players like to drop in on their old teams and help school the rookies on the realities of being in The League. Well now they can show them.

-Pro and College football fans likely overlap to a large degree, but not completely. This would allow both the NFL and NCAA to reach across the aisle and tap a potentially new and lucrative demographic.
Despite the clear and overwhelming talent divide (The NFL rookie class would consist of the top 3% of all top college players AND they’d have one year of pro-level conditioning), Alabama would have a significant advantage in that they all know the same playbook and have been playing under the same coach. I’m not even sure who wins this. I’d probably lean towards Bama.

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