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Besides recruiting, what’s the most important skill a college basketball coach should have? – Quora link

Jim Calhoun

Favorite answer by Greg Richardson:

Teaching. The ability to inculcate a deep understanding of the game of basketball throughout the team. Some coaches have that special ability to impart knowledge in such a way that not only is it learned but becomes second nature to the player. The all time greats get all five players on the floor to understand what each of them is doing and how it interrelates. This creates tremendous chemistry and makes the team greater than the sum of their parts. In todays game, the great teachers of basketball include Coach K, Mike Montgomery, Jim Calhoun and Brad Stevens.

What makes an NBA player a “superstar?” – Quora link

Kobe Bryant

Favorite answer by Chresten Knaff:

1. Marketability

2. Some type of exceptional talent (be it physical gifts, court vision, mental toughness or any number of one or more things)

3. Ability to win consistently (though not necessarily to win a championship as evidenced by the superstars in the league today without one)

Will Tiger Woods win a major in 2012? – Quora link

Tiger Woods

Favorite answer by Mahi Assan:

There are some people who don’t think he will and people who think he will. What we’ll say though is that this is a completely new Tiger we’re looking at now. New swing, new ball flights, different shots and a different life now that he is a single parent. He has always said that his goal is to beat Jack Nicklaus, so I doubt that his majors will finish at fifteen. Considering the results of the tournament he played in late last year, and how he’s been playing, I predict another major this year. I think the best chance of that is in April in Augusta. Long answer short, yes because he’s good enough and is hungry enough.

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  • Jerry on Feb 20, 2012 Reply

    I hope he wins again but like a undefeated boxer (Mike Tyson) once they get knocked out the mystique is gone and that has happened to Tiger.. I don’t golf and don’t watch it if Tiger is not in the hunt…. Jerry in Minnesota.

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