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Who is the best point guard in the NBA? Why? – Quora link

Chris Paul

Favorite answer by Will Gibbons:

At this point, Chris Paul and Deron Williams are the two best because of their all-around play, with Rose and Westbrook in the discussion. Paul and Williams both entered the league the same year. When looking at their per-game average since that time, Paul is higher in all three shooting percentage categories, points, assists, steals, and has fewer turnovers. He also is ahead in all of those categories this season, with the exception of points scored. Paul has dealt with serious knee injuries and, despite that, is having one of his best seasons on a winning team (and it’s the Clippers). In addition, Paul is a better defender, based on Defensive Rating both this season and for their careers. So I’d pick Chris Paul as the best PG in the league.

What’s the most important skill an NBA point guard should have? – Quora link

Deron Williams

Favorite answer by Chresten Knaff:

Court vision.

To be more specific, this is an indicator of an individual’s ability to see every aspect of the court and it’s players as each play develops. It is a measure of how well a player can both see what is currently going on and anticipate the developments of a play moving forward. Similar to great chess players, great point guards can see the court (ie the board in chess) and have an intuitive sense of the best possible action to take to be the most effective facilitator. This can involve seeing where double teams can occur and which players will be left open, identifying weaknesses in the defense to be exploited, reading where one’s teammate will make a cut, and a host of more things. This goes beyond simple intelligence in that it requires both the ability to actually be able to see all parts of the court and interpret them in a matter of seconds.

With court vision a player can more easily facilitate the scoring of his teammates while also identifying the best times for him to make his own drives.

Obviously passing ability, general basketball IQ, and shooting ability (as well as other qualities) are required to make a great point guard, but in the end what separates the best from the average is one’s ability to see the court. After all, a PG isn’t called the floor general for no reason. Just as the best general’s can read all aspects of a battlefield in order to take the right action, great point guards see all aspects of the court to create the best scoring opportunity.

Will Carmelo Anthony ever win an NBA championship? – Quora link

Carmelo Anthony

Favorite answer by Matt Ketcham:

Jeremy Lin’s offensive skills are unquestionable. But the Nets beat Lin the second go-around by attacking him with Deron Williams. He struggles against the best guards in the game, which could make him a defensive liability.

Clearly, whether or not Lin plugs the holes in his game will determine the Knicks’ fate. The team has performed at a championship-caliber level since Lin took over, and ‘Melo’s Knicks have a legitimate shot if this play can be sustained come playoff time, when Lin will be matched up against players like Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, and Russ Westbrook in a seven-game series.

What player from history is Dwight Howard most similar to? – Quora link

Dwight Howard

Favorite answer by Adio Royster:

Because of his undeniable defensive attitude, i want to say Russell, but Russell had at least some kind of a low-post game outside of “get the ball deep, spin, dunk” .. Howard changes the game for you on the defense like no one in the NBA right now… based on that logic, I’m gonna say Dikembe Mutombo.. Howard averages more points because he’s quicker than any center in the league so he can get points with his speed, but when I speak of Dwight Howard, I focus more on his defensive prowess more than his offensive.

What’s the best dunk ever slammed at the NBA All-Star slam dunk contest? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Lance Gilliam:

Any Vince Carter dunk hands down…

Did we forget the 2000 dunk contest. From the first dunk the other contestants were competing for 2nd place, and it only got better after that.

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