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Who is the best power forward currently in the NBA? – Quora link

Favorite answer by Jonathan Brill:

If I was picking teams based on performance in this season and for the next 3-5, I’d choose Kevin Love. He’s the best in these important categories:

  • Production: Whether he’s on a bad or mediocre team (we have yet to see him on a good team) he’s the best player on the floor. Very rarely does he get out-produced by anybody on his team or the team he’s playing. This does weird things to his stats, like giving a ranking of 4th all time in EWA, or estimated win shares – a measure of how many wins for his team his production makes him personally responsible for. His PER, 5th in the NBA and highest for his position, is virtually the same as that of Derrick Rose, last year’s MVP and arguably the most valuable young player in basketball.
  • Upside: K.Love is a fourth year player and has gotten better every year. More importantly, he will likely continue to do so, as the things he doesn’t do well are ones most young players take years to get right: a high percentage outside shot and solid NBA team defense.
  • Marketability: K.Love is a rock star, among the most popular players in the NBA. He seems to be popular with his own fans as well as other players in the league. He’s one of the new faces of the NBA and will make the league hundreds of millions of dollars for the next decade.

Kevin Love

How useful will Robert Griffin’s speed be in the NFL? – Quora link

Robert Griffin III

Favorite answer by Santo Butler:

Extremely! Scenario: 3rd & 6, RGIII’s team comes out with 3 WR 1TE 1RB. The defense counters with a 4 DL Nickel. Defensive coach decides to rush 6 (4DL, NB & 1 LB). Offense protects with 6 (5OL 1 RB). This leaves 3WR manned up, TE manned up and FS playing the deep zone. You’ve now got 4 defenders running in man AWAY from RGIII, 6defenders being blocked, and just 1 defender able to look back at RGIII that has the speed to catch. Except THAT defender is the middle safety about 35-40yds downfield. RGIII wins

What about the NFL Scouting Combine is worth watching on television? – Quora link

NFL Combine

Favorite answer by John DeMarchi:

The Combine is worth watching, because it gives fans a chance to see an apples to apples comparison of player athleticism.

For example, a lot of guys who claim to run 4.4 in the 40 turn out to be 4.5 or 4.6 guys when everyone is running on the same surface. Guys who claim to have crazy 40-plus vertical jumping skills turn out to be thirty something guys.. Big difference.

Similarly, the change of direction drills like the three cone drill, for example, give fans a food idea of a player’s ability to make moves at top speeds. The strength drills are also a very fair comparison.

Every year, some kid shows up unprepared and blows up his career. And every year, players showcase ridiculous athleticism that rockets them up draft boards .. As guys like DT Dontari Poe and QB Robert Griffin, among others, have done this year.

Game tape matters the most. But sometimes, you see a player who may have been limited by scheme demonstrate potential that may otherwise have gone unseen. That is why I like watching the Combine.

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