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Who is the best power forward in the NBA today? – Quora link

Kevin Love

Favorite answer by Will Gibbons:

Kevin Love. Dirk has regressed a bit this year, but I expect he’ll step up his play during the playoffs, so for the purpose of this argument, I’ll exclude him from the rest of this. Blake Griffin gets more attention because of his entertaining play, but Love and LaMarcus Aldridge are both playing at a higher level. Love is averaging about 25 and 14 on the season, compared to Blake’s 21 and 11 and Aldridge’s 23 and 9. None of the three is an elite defender, and Love’s defense has improved this season.

Looking at advanced statistics, Love is also 2nd only to LeBron James in win shares at 3.1, and he’s tied with Aldridge in Defensive Rating. Both are 4 points better than Griffin in that statistic.

Finally, Love’s supporting cast (despite the emergence of Ricky Rubio) is not on the level of the Blazers or even the Clippers. Because of Love’s play (and the significant improvement in coaching), the Timberwolves are improving this season and even have a chance at making the playoffs for the first time since their last great Power Forward was traded to Boston.

Who is the best power forward in NBA history? – Quora link

Tim Duncan

Favorite answer by Jason Lancaster:

By most accounts, that would be Tim Duncan. However, there are a lot of good players to think of for this title.

Duncan – Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals. He does it all on both ends, and he does it well. Not to mention the championships, leadership, maturity…he’s the model NBA player (or at least he should be).

McHale – A wizard in the post on offense and an excellent post defender, his career was cut short by injuries. Otherwise, he’d be at the top of this list I think.

Now, the list get’s a lot harder. It’s basically a crap shoot from here down…

Bob Pettit – Accumulated great stats and a great reputation in a long-ago era, his name should be on the list somewhere. However, I think his success in the modern game would be attenuated a bit because of his lack of athleticism. But a great player nonetheless.

DeBusschere – A fierce, forceful defensive presence who could shoot lights out and who would outwork anyone. A NY Knicks legend.

Rodman – I don’t care what people say, Rodman was one of the greatest. Considering how great he was at defense and rebounding, and considering that those are the two most important parts of the NBA game, it’s a crime he doesn’t get more respect. Perhaps if he were a little more “normal,” but IMHO that’s part of the reason he’s so amazing. No one ever gave Worm a shot when he was a kid yet he still managed to shine.

James Worthy – Key cog in the showtime Lakers, 3 time champion, his career might have been overshadowed by the other players on his team. I also feel he’s more of a combo forward than a true PF…but he’s worth mentioning for sure.

Barkley, Malone, and Garnett are all great PFs, but they really don’t stand up to comparison against Duncan or McHale, Furthermore, Barkley’s lack of defense and poor conditioning were pathetic, and Malone (who is notoriously feeble minded) never showed up in big games. Garnett is a great defender, but his offensive skills didn’t match up with Barkely or Malone…so I’d say it’s a crap shoot. Garnett gets my vote over the other two by the narrowest of margins.

Pau Gasol – Greatest PF in the league right now, but he’s never had the killer instinct. Still, he’s a champion and very good in all areas of the game. I suspect history will regard Gasol higher than Nowitzki, but personally I’d rather have Dirk.

Nowitzki – Great, great shooter, but never a great defender or rebounder. Easily the best shooting big man of the modern NBA, but he’s the offensive equivalent of Dennis Rodman…and since skill on offense is less important than skill on defense, Nowitzki is lower on my list.

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