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What can the NBA do to improve the slam dunk contest? – Quora link

Jeremy Evans

Favorite answer by Daryn Ramsden:

LeBron says he’d do it for a million so make the prize 2 million. Just to be safe.

Here’s the format: some time earlier in the night they would open up the floor for anyone to come down and throw down one dunk. Two attempts at most: gotta keep things moving.
Top 2 or 3 move on to the final where they do 2 more dunks. Maybe the defending champ will be automatically in the finals. Winner gets 2 million; other finalists get a half a million.

You’ve got 24 all-stars on hand as well the best rookies and sophomores in the league. None of them is so rich that they can’t do with a couple million dollars. There’s no way Westbrook, Wade, Rose etc go to all-star weekend without at least one dunk ready in these circumstances.

It would be like having a karaoke contest at the Grammys.

Maybe you might even want to open it up for any NBA player to come down and throw down. Imagine if JR Smith or DeAndre Jordan showed up unannounced. Maybe I’ve watched too much wrestling but I think that would be awesome.

The biggest problem the contest has is that people make up their minds beforehand that it’s going to be lame. Nobody had any problems last year because the planet convinced itself that Blake Griffin was going to be awesome. Blake Griffin won by doing a dunk that JaVale McGee can definitely do while JaVale McGee lost while doing 2 dunks that I think would be extremely difficult for Blake Griffin.
If the fans want stars give them stars. The no-name guys are much more interesting when they’re unexpectedly holding their own against the established stars in any case.

What’s the worst rap album made by a great artist? Why? – Quora link

Tha Carter

Favorite answer by Hashim Warren:

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is the worst rap album from a great rap artist.

There were high expectations for this album:
it was his first true follow up to Tha Carter III, which sold over a million copies in a week and made him a superstar.
the album had a great first single with 6 Foot 7 Foot.
Wayne’s rap group, Young Money was redefining pop-hiphop with the success of Drake and Nicki Minaj
I listened to the Tha Carter IV as soon as it was available. I scratched my head, wondering if I was missing the point to this sloppy mess. Then I listened again, confirmed that it was him, not me. and put it away forever.

The Carter IV sold 2 million records, but if it was actually worth listening to, it could have doubled that.

What rap album is the most surprisingly good of all time? Why? – Quora link

Enter The Wu Tang

Favorite answer by Chris Clark:

Being arguably the greatest hip hop album ever, it’s easy to take this for granted, but 36 Chambers was a shock.

Nine MC’s, nine! One who stutters, one with a lisp, another just sing-speaking gibberish. Yet, they all happened to spit fire, but what was the likelihood of that? Mostly from Staten Island too. What are odds that these nine just happened to be in each others proximity?

And the production: No hooks, sloppy four-tracked drum programming, no James Brown samples, too many Kung-fu references, unconventional song structures.

Tell me in 1992 amidst peers like G-funk and Native Tongues you thought the above was the blueprint for hip-hop success both artistic and commercial in 1993 and you’re either a liar or Nostradamus.

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