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What current NBA players should be considered “superstars?” – Quora link

Blake Griffin/Kevin Durant

Favorite answer by Edwin Chau:

I think it’s a combination of talent, importance to your team, popularity, and being a franchise player.

Kevin Durant
Kobe Bryant
Lebron James
Dwyane Wade
Dirk Nowitzki
Derrick Rose
Steve Nash
Dwight Howard
Chris Paul
Blake Griffin
Carmelo Anthony

I think these are the players (maybe besides Steve Nash because of his age, and possibly Melo) that are considered superstars. All of them are extremely popular players that any casual basketball fan would know who they are. They’re also the best player(s) on their teams, have (or will get) a max contract and be the franchise’s best and most important player, are all all stars (most are starters), and most have made the all NBA teams.

Theres a couple players that are at just a notch below these superstars who have similar talent, but not as much popularity, such as: Kevin Love and Deron Williams.

What’s the best trade an NBA team has gotten for a disgruntled superstar? – Quora link

Gasol Brothers

Favorite answer by Andy Sayers:

This probably isn’t the right answer, but isn’t it crazy that Memphis’ trade of Pau Gasol can now enter the discussion? They landed a younger, all-star center in the deal (plus salary savings that resulted in ZBo), and are a much better team as a result.

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