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Will Tiger Woods ever win another major tournament? – Quora link

Tiger Woods

Favorite answer by Alex Richards:

People questioned whether Tiger Woods would win another tournament again – which he has now proved people wrong by winning the Bay Hill Invitational two weeks ago. He did win his own tournament back last year, but the commentators and pundits said that, it’s hardly an achievement seeing as there were less competitors than holes in the tournament.

On current form, Tiger has shown that he is getting back to the Tiger of old. In his last tournament he was top of the driving statistics (which combines accuracy and distance from the tee), which in the past he has not necessarily got the accuracy part correct. He was also top of the charts for puts holed within 10 feet, holing 52 out of 57 putts – much more like the Tiger of old.

This years Master’s will be a great chance for Tiger to add another Major – he enjoys playing the course and he has been in the Top 10 for the past 6 of 7 year’s.

Should IBM continue to sponsor The Masters if its female CEO isn’t invited to join Augusta National? – Quora link

Virginia Rometty

Favorite answer by Orenthal Jams:

IBM is under no obligation to continue its sponsorship past its contractually agreed-upon date. No company is, for any organization, event, or program. Sponsorship money is not a right.

Moreover, I would hope IBM pulls its sponsorship on behalf of EVERY female employee it has, since Augusta isn’t merely discriminating against Ginni Rometty. I would have hoped that fact would have occurred to every male CEO of IBM that has signed off on sponsoring the Masters in years past, but… well, you know.

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